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Jockeying Over Kyoto

Lots of back and forth in the news this morning on Chretien’s decision to ratify Kyoto. 

Klein prepares for battle over Kyoto. OTTAWA and EDMONTON — Alberta Premier Ralph Klein has declared war on Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s plan to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, but acknowledged yesterday that he faces an uphill battle to stop it.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Alberta is threatening a legal and constitutional challenge

Industry to bear Kyoto’s initial brunt.  Some info here from the Globe on how the accord might be implemented in Canada.

Klein’s principle argument for not ratifying, and the reason that he is planning to battle this, is that the costs are unknown.  Does Klein have a price in mind that he’s willing to pay, or his he just constructing straw-man arguments to rally the faithful? It’s true that Alberta’s petroleum industry might be harmed, but aren’t Alberta farmers important too?  All summer long we have heard that Alberta’s feed crops have failed (for the second year), and farmers are sending their herds to the slaughterhouses because they can’t afford to feed them.  Is there an economic price tag associated with the environment that is really too high, Ralph?

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