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Build an Effective Plan

I promised I would write about the business of technology — the "how to do it" as opposed to just commentary.  Here’s the first installment in a top 10 list of rules for success in the software business.  Feedback welcomed.  Send me mail at alecs@exmsft.com, or post it to the discussion link below.

Rule #1: Build an effective plan

Rule #1.  Have an effective plan.  Sounds simple doesnt it?  Too many software businesses, though, build a plan, and then shelve it.  They dont have an effective plan.  Too many others simply dont have a plan.  Some business just have the plan they wrote for the investors, which is designed to make the investors comfortable parting with their money, and nothing else.

An effective business plan is a living document.  Theres a real art to building a plan, knowing when it needs to be followed, and when it needs to evolve.

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