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School Boards Face Cuts

School boards face big cuts after Ontario takeover. — Students in Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa are at risk of losing key programs after the provincial government yesterday backed away from a commitment to prevent major disruptions in the schools in the coming school year.

The whole school board thing is just a huge mess.  The papers this morning are full of all kinds of conflicting opinions.  For instance, in the Globe, Reginald Stackhouse writes supporting the use of vouchers and suggesting that school boards can be abolished, while Clive Doucet takes the opposite position, bemoaning the lack of local democracy.  Doucet also writes that private schools are booming in the Ottawa area.  Interestingly, the Globe online only published Stackhouse… does this say something about their view?  Margaret Wente writes about a Toronto parent who has finally yanked her child out of the public system, opting for private shool. 

It’s been interesting around here as well.  In our household, my father is an ex-school teacher.  And of course, we have school age children. My father supports the teachers union, but my wife and I have a very difficult time accepting that Earl Manners could be so irresponsible, excercise his power over our children’s educations so nakedly, by threatening to send the Ontario Secondary School teachers on strike in February.  The thread that I see throughout all of the editorial and the conversations I have with people is that we parents want some control.  The most disempowered group in this discussion is the parents, and the most emperilled group is the children.  Some parents are taking control by opting out, but then where does that leave public education?


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