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Allan Rock: Lift the Campaigning Ban

Rock’s team wants campaign ban lifted. OTTAWA — Members of Industry Minister Allan Rock’s leadership team want to begin their campaign now, and are concerned that the Prime Minister’s edict prohibiting cabinet ministers from actively campaigning has given Paul Martin a huge advantage. Interesting point of view from the Rock camp.  My take is that the 18 month delay gives Rock an advantage.  Either way, it emphasizes the fact that Chretien has made a serious tactical blunder with his 18 month timetable.  The succession squabbling is underway within the Liberal party.  Angelo Persichilli, writing for the Hill Times, outlines it succinctly in this piece titled Uneasy Truce. Laurence Martin, writing in this morning’s Globe and Mail, believes that the prime minister is already a lame duck and has no authority remaining to govern.  And Adam Radwanski, in Timing nothing to get excited about, is saying that the entire government is a lame duck, and that Canadians should be concerned that their elected representatives don’t really understand what they want.  Children, children!



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