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MD recommends premiums for the rich

MD recommends premiums for the rich.  Oh boy.  Another wealth surtax, this time directed to health care.   Shoot, while we’re at it, why don’t we just ask the rich to pay more for food as well. “Yes, Mr. Nichols, I’d love to pay double for the President’s Choice extra juicy hamburgers, because I can.”.  Hmmm… sign me up!  Will we have to carry “Have” and “Have not” cards in our wallets to determine who is entitled to pay what?

We’re a heavily taxed nation already.  To assume we can fix our health care problems by simply taxing people more is, well, ludicrous.  How does Dr. Wilkinson reconcile her point of view with the Fraser Institute report this morning that Canadians pay more for healthcare than all of the other industrial nations and get less for it?

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