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Global Warming: It’s Real

Boost Canada’s efforts for a greener Earth. Hear, hear!  I’ve been camping all week long in the hottest and most humid August I can remember.  I love hiking, but when you’re dripping the whole way it’s a lot less enjoyable. 

Weird things are happening with the environment.  Speaking with family on the west coast, I told them that the mosquitos haven’t left yet, and there was general disbelief.  We all know that by mid-August the mosquitos are mostly gone.  I was at White Rose yesterday and got out of my air-conditioned car, and my glasses fogged over in the humidity!  And on the way home, there were migrating geese in a farmers field eating the corn left behind.  What do the geese know that we don’t?

Hurry up and sign Kyoto!  If this weather is the price we have to pay for green house gas emissions, then the we’re going to have to find some other way for the folks in Alberta to earn a living.


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