This morning one of the hot stories is about cell phone botnets, and the cybercrime economy. The theory is that bots invading cell phone handsets could be used to perpetrate massive denial of service attacks. Should we be worried, or is just science fiction?

Another security story is about several state-level legislatures passing laws requiring businesses to encrypt consumer data before transmission. Presumably this is to prevent identity theft, en masse. To me, however, it seems like one more bandaid in the patchwork of bandages already in existence. We discuss it. I’m unwilling to be dissuaded except by a cogent argument.

Lastly, there are a number of stories out this morning about Google’s G-1, their new handset. Reviews are comparing it to the iPhone, Walt Mossberg has declared a new category of pocketable computers lumping iPhone, G-1 and others into the category, and none other than eWeek’s venerable Microsoft Watch has declared Windows Mobile an “also-ran”.

On the Calliflower Conference Call today: Bill Volk, Jim Courtney, Jonathan Jensen, Sergio Meinardi, and Jeanette Fisher.


Do you remember the 1992 movie “Sneakers” with the phrase “My voice is my password”? Voice “biometrics” has come a long way since those days and today our special guests, David Standig and Patrick Osborne of, talked  about the current state of the industry and technology and also about what VoiceVerified brings to the picture. More info at:

On the call: Dan York (host), David Standig (guest), Patrick Osborne (guest), David Brown, James Body, Sandro Gauci, William Volk, Ian Hood, Jonathan Jensen, Jeanette Fisher, Carolyn Smith, Moshe Maeir, Ed Smith, Arshad Merali, Warren Bent.

Show notes and links can be found at either:

Production note: Unfortunately, shortly before the show was to be recorded, there was a problem with the phone system at VoiceVerified’s office.  As a result, our guests had to join the call using a cell phone in speakerphone mode which resulted in audio  quality challenges.  We appreciate the effort they made to join the call and thank them for participating.

Full disclosure: VoiceVerified does have a business relationship with my (Dan York) employer, Voxeo, which I outlined in a blog post, but that had no bearing on my asking them to be on the show. I just think their technology is interesting and is something worth talking about.


iNowCU: cheap home monitoring

May 28, 2008

Inca X has launched a new service called iNowCU. Targeted at folks who want to do some surveillance on the cheap, it uses a web camera and motion sensing software to advise you when something or someone has entered your realm. It’s dead simple to set up. Simply download the software, run it, and plug […]

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iSkoot and passwords in the clear

April 27, 2008

I awoke yesterday morning to mail from PhoneBoy telling me that iSkoot is passing passwords in the clear, unencrypted. He put a packet-trace on his WiFi router, and used the Nokia N95 to access iSkoot via WiFi rather than the way it is more usually accessed which is over the air. This morning he has […]

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Paypal says avoid Safari

February 29, 2008

Paypal is warning users to avoid Safari, and choose IE, Firefox or Opera instead.  Why?  Safari doesn't implement the modern anti-phishing systems that other browsers do.  It's good advice.  Over the past two years, with the emergence of strong anti-phishing technologies, fraud due to fishing is way down.  Not many people use Safari any more, […]

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Secure your VoIP LAN

December 5, 2006

VoIP often gets a bad rap when it comes to security. What with SPIT, VoIP phishing schemes, DOS attacks, and the like, it’s not surprising.   Need some tips to overcome the nervous nellies in your organization?  Look no further.  In 25 Ways to Secure Your VoIP Network, the folks at VoIP Lowdown present a cornucopia of […]

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VoIP: Security Threat #5

November 16, 2006

Dan York has written a lengthy post on how SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Insitute has identified VoIP among their top 20 Internet Security Threats for 2006.  They’ve identified six major trends in Internet security attacks, and VoIP is one of them, primarily via vulnerabilities in systems like Asterisk and Cisco Call Manager.  It’s a […]

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Famous Last Words: Windows Vista Won't Need Antivirus

November 10, 2006

BetaNews has slapped the headline Allchin Suggests Vista Won’t Need Antivirus on an interview with Microsoft’s Jim Allchin, in which he describes new security features in the OS.  Hunh?  Well, read what he says: My son, seven years old, runs Windows Vista, and, honestly, he doesn’t have an antivirus system on his machine. His machine […]

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Fonality Bitten By A Red Herring

November 4, 2006

This evening a minor controversy exploded in the Asterisk community as first Marcelo Rodriguez took Fonality to task over the security of its hosted model, and then Fonality CEO Chris Lyman responded via a guest posting on Garrett Smith’s blog.  Ken Camp weighed in with a “Tut tut, children” post, while ringmaster Andy Abramson waved his […]

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ITAA Comes Out Against VoIP CALEA

June 17, 2006

A group of Internet pioneers, including Vint Cerf, has authored a paper critical of the FCC CALEA requirement for VoIP.   After outlining the considerable technical difficulties involved in implementing the FCC requirement, they also commented: Voice over IP is the immediate target of the FBI’s CALEA efforts. The Internet architecture is rich and flexible, and […]

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