Want proof of pent-up demand for Blackberry Playbook applications?  Announced in March, and reportedly due to be available later this year, an early beta of the Playbook Android Player was inadvertently made available for a short time on yesterday.  RIM pulled the software, and issued a statement telling people not to use it, but not before a group of developers on grabbed it and started testing every Android app they could get their hands on.  What you can see from the conversation on is that although the leaked code is an early beta, many Android applications worked immediately.

Don’t feel like hacking your Playbook to see what Android Player looks like?  No problem.  The Crackberry team has helpfully posted the following video so you don’t have to.


Are you excited?  I am.

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The Blackberry Playbook is now the first tablet to gain FIPS certification, which means that it meets US government standards for data security and encryption.  Playbook also won Best in Show and Best of FOSE in handheld devices at the federal government IT conference in Washington DC this past week.

This certification and these awards certainly reinforce RIM’s position that the Playbook is the first “professional grade” tablet on the market, and may be a good indicator of how the market will evolve – Android and iPad devices for consumers, and Playbook for professionals.   Now, what will Avaya and Cisco do?  Both companies have announced  business focused tablets as well, but built on Android.

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Living with Playbook, two months later

June 15, 2011
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When RIM launched the BlackBerry Playbook in mid-April, I grabbed one and started using it.  You might have noticed that I didn’t write about it the time.  The same as other writers, my initial take on the Playbook was that it had a lot of promise but wasn’t ready for prime-time.  Some websites didn’t work, […]

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Playbook: Maybe just right on target.

April 15, 2011
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There have been a rush of negative reviews for RIM’s Playbook over the last few days.  It’s been called half-baked, rushed to market, unfinished, and worse.  I haven’t seen it yet, but in my opinion, Playbook might be just right. What? Yup.  You heard me. No product team has ever produced a fully realized product […]

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Don’t be afraid to kill old business lines.

December 13, 2010
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Successfully transitioning from a current product to a next generation, without damaging the business today, is one of the toughest balancing acts in business.  That’s the challenge that the darling of the Canadian mobile market, RIM, faces today. Friday afternoon a customer casually asked me what I thought of RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis’ session at […]

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RIM’s new strategy PlayBook

September 29, 2010

RIM’s new PlayBook looks pretty nice, doesn’t it?  At least from what we can see, anyway.  Launched a couple of days ago, its high pixel density display, snappy dual core processor, gobs of OS RAM, and Adobe Flash support (!) make it a very interesting entrant into the tablet market. In fact, let’s go one […]

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