Voxbone and Jajah “Call Me” in the UK.

by alec on April 14, 2011

Voxbone and Jajah have teamed up on a dramatically simple, and very good service for O2 customers in the UK.  In a nutshell, for £10 per month O2 International Favourites gives you an unlimited overseas “Call Me” number that friends and family can use to reach you at local calling rates.  Calls made to that number are simply forwarded to the subscriber’s O2 handset. In addition, you also get three local dial numbers that will call forward to international landline or mobile numbers, with 3,000 minutes of service.

That ought to be more than enough for calls between friends and family back home.

More details here.

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JAJAH on iPod Touch: a novel strategy.

by alec on February 6, 2009

JAJAH’s announcement yesterday that they are bringing VoIP calling to the iPod Touch had an interesting twist to it.  The application will be offered to third parties who can brand it, and offer it as an additional service to their customers.  Imagine, for example, and AT&T branded softphone client for iPod Touch.  It’s a novel idea which allows a carrier to extend it’s brand onto non-phone devices.

Given that the App Store is Apple’s official channel, one wonders if there will suddenly be a proliferation of JAJAH softphones in the store, all branded differently.  Or are the folks in MountainView working another distribution strategy with the Cupertinians?


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2008: The Year that VoIP died

December 30, 2008

It seems highly likely to me that at some point in the future we’ll all look back and say that 2008 was the year that the VoIP industry finally died.  With all due respect to my very good friends Jon Arnold, and Andy Abramson, it’s about time. Voice over IP is just a transport and […]

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Squawk Box August 14 – Guest Peter Diedrich

August 14, 2008

Today’s guest was Mobivox CEO Peter Diedrich. Peter was part of the VC funding group that funded Mobivox two and a half years ago, spent 18 months as the CEO of ThunderBay Telecom in Canada, and then took on the CEO role at Mobivox in June of this year.

We discussed what Mobivox is, and the Mobivox experience plus the things that Peter saw in Mobivox when he took on the CEO role that really make it special. He also gave us an update on some of the price change controversies that erupted a couple of months ago, and talked with us a little about partnering opportunities with Mobivox, and the recent deal they did with JAJAH to produce the JAJAH Concierge.

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JAJAH and Intel go Green

August 14, 2008

If you’re green geek or a tech geek, you’ll appreciate JAJAH and Intel’s announcement today that they have partnered up to release “remote wake” aware telephony software for a new generation of Intel motherboards.  What this means is that a properly equipped PC will be able to go to sleep to save energy, and then […]

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JAJAH.Babel real time translation launches

August 7, 2008

Image via Wikipedia JAJAH.Babel just launched a few minutes ago.  It’s a simple service that puts a translator on the other end of the phoneline.  Developed in conjunction with IBM Research, JAJAH.Babel lets you call a local number in China, the US, the UK and Australia, speak a message in Chinese or English, and hear […]

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JAJAH bags Robertson's Gizmo5

June 26, 2008

Image via Wikipedia You may recall a few weeks ago that JAJAH announced that they had won Yahoo’s call termination business. Essentially, Yahoo outsourced their network to JAJAH.  That’s a great deal for JAJAH. This morning they’ve done it again, announcing a relationship with Michael Robertson‘s Gizmo5.  In essence, Gizmo5 will do the same deal […]

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Squawk Box May 29 – Guest Trevor Healy

May 29, 2008

Today we talked with JAJAH CEO Trevor Healy, about the JAJAH Q2 Telecommunications Industry Index. This is a piece of research conducted by JAJAH which reveals industry trends that I think a lot of people on the telephone call had been expecting for some time.

The data was collected from 700 interviews conducted at CTIA, and then a series of C-Level carrier interviewers.

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Squawk Box April 29 – Guest Roman Scharf

April 29, 2008

Today we talked with Jajah co-Founder Roman Scharf about their big announcements this morning. We started by discussing the 10 million users that JAJAH announced.  It turned out that these were pure JAJAH users, and that buttons and other widgets comprise only a small portion of those 10 million.  According to Roman, growth in JAJAH […]

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News bits: mig33, Jajah, and Tweetmeme

January 29, 2008

Several interesting stories worth following yesterday: mig33 announced a $13.5 million B round.  These folks are certainly on a roll, adding subscribers and raising money at a mad rate. Jajah joined the Microsoft Startup Accelerator program.   I guess we'll be seeing more integration with Jajah and Microsoft handsets. Perhaps the Jajah folks can also […]

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