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Goodbye Russell Shaw

by alec on March 16, 2008

A colleague and friend, Russell Shaw, has passed.  Russell was one of the most prolific bloggers I've ever met. I only knew him as a technology blogger, covering VoIP and Blackberry, and was surprised to learn today that he also wrote political commentary for the Huffington Post.  

What I'll remember the most about Russell was his interview style.  Always an engaged, inquiring and far reaching affair, he had a penchant for the Columbo line of inquiry — "Ah, one more thing I was thinking about" — that frequently led to information that no other interviewers unearthed.  His writing was precise and insightful; his commentary lucid.  He captured the essence of the story in a way that other writers admired but were often unable to duplicate. 

I was hoping to meet Russell this week at the VON show in San Jose.  Sadly, that can't happen now, and I feel poorer for it.  My sincerest condolences to Russell, his family, and friends. 

Russell, you'll be missed by many.   

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Microsoft Canadian Developer flashback!

by alec on December 4, 2007

I'm experiencing a kind of a flashback in the Canadian Institute Social Media conference this morning.  The current speaker is Barnaby Jeans, Microsoft's lead guy focused on developers in Canada.  His team uses social media to engage developers in the Canadian marketplace.  This was my job in 1992!  Blogs didn't exist, so we engaged developers on bulletin board networks (does anybody remember Canada Remote Systems?), email, and Compuserve.  And today, Barnaby's team is focused on nearly 200,000 developers in Canada, whereas in my day there was a paltry 65,000.

The more it changes…


iPoque: it's official. Skype is the winner.

November 29, 2007

Germany-based iPoque has recently published an internet traffic study covering everything from file sharing networks to streaming video and voice.  According to iPoque, any discussion of VoIP protocols is probably moot.  While VoIP itself accounts for just 1% of internet traffic, the vast majority of that traffic (a 30:1 ratio in Germany) is Skype. Standards based […]

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Ottawa Barcamp 4

November 5, 2007

Coming up September November 17th… Ottawa Barcamp 4!  Haven't been to one before?  Barcamp is one of the best events in the tech community.  An unconference targeted at geeks, Barcamp is an opportunity to share and mix with the local tech community.  Because it's an unconference, anyone can present and everyone is expected to participate. […]

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“You Wouldn’t Get On A Plane Built By Software Developers”

May 29, 2006

So says Oracle Security chief Ann Davidson.  Speaking at the WWW2006 conference in Edinburgh, she derides the software industry for a culture of “patch, patch, patch”, and takes on the hacker industry over the questionable tactic of holding vendors hostage when vulnerabilities have been found. It’s a good message, but she should skip trotting out […]

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Phil Talks To TAM

May 23, 2006

Skype Journal’s Phil Wolff has published a series of conversations with the Telecommunications Association of Michigan — a preview of his trip there this week.  They’re well worth a read: In Part 1, Don’t Ignore the Shift, Phil talks about the scale of Skype adoption.  In Parts 2 and 3, Your Applecart versus the Supermarket, […]

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IE7 Beta 2 Preview: Not Ready For Prime Time

March 20, 2006

At Mix 06 today, they released the new preview version of IE 7, and on the IE 7 weblog, they announced that they had made the same version available to the public.  I suppose I really ought to have paid attention to the disclaimers on the IE 7 website, but you know us geeks… who […]

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Google vs Microsoft: The Numbers Speak

November 28, 2005

Here is an interesting thought experiment.  Google is positioning itself as the platform for the web, which is the reason that Microsoft has launched their Microsoft Live initiative.  How real is the threat to Microsoft from Google?  I ran the numbers from publicly available financial information, and extrapolated them forward.  At current growth rates, in […]

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Skype Reorg Rumblings…

November 22, 2005

The secondary organizational impacts of EBay’s acquisition of Skype are about to be felt, I’ve heard.  Following Rajiv Dutta’s appointment as President, three new senior VP level people will be coming into the organization:  Finance, US Operations, and API/Commerce solutions.  It seems that Skype’s culture is undergoing a swift change from being disruptive punks to a business oriented "show […]

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Gizmo Fix is in

November 11, 2005

The Gizmo presence bug I wrote about yesterday is fixed.  SipPhone, the creators of Gizmo, sure are responsive.  Thanks!

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