Friday, August 14, 2009

I’ve spent the day painstakingly digging through our affiliate lists, checking out websites, and sending feedback to our affiliates on how they’re doing.  Not only is it a good relationship building exercise, but I’m also really enjoying seeing how different folks are taking advantage of the Calliflower affiliate program.

For example, Australian Dave Bradshaw has put up an Online Meetings Review website, signed up for affiliate programs from a series of online meeting vendors, and written reviews of each of the services.  Nice! And I was naturally pleased to see that Calliflower scored 9/10, the highest review on the site, tied with Webex.  

Similarly, Virtual Conference Office is a site containing content on how to run a virtual office, including conferencing services.  The owner of this site has deployed Calliflower advertising in several strategic places. 

Many affiliates simply post an advertisement or send email to their address books.  I like the approach of both these sites because they try to surround affiliate links with quality content as well.


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