Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Daily SquawkBox to be discontinued.

by alec on October 22, 2008

The format of SquawkBox is changing friends.  I’ll be discontinuing the regular recording of SquawkBox on Friday of this week. The reason is simply that SquawkBox takes a huge effort to do well, and if I can’t do a good job of it, I don’t want to do it at all.

Expect to see the SquawkBox on an intermittent basis from now on.  I’m taking my cue from the eminence grise of multi-party podcasting, Steve Gillmor, who doesn’t necessarily record the Gillmor Gang every day either. As news stories appear, or interesting technology developments occur, we’ll do a show. The show is also always open to guest hosters, and I’m hoping that folks like Carl Ford continue to do their weekly segments.

When I first began recording the SquawkBox it was more as an experiment than anything else, for iotum to learn how a podcaster might use Calliflower to create content.  We’ve learned a huge amount. It’s been a terrific experience, Calliflower has improved dramatically as a conference calling service, and I’ve met many interesting people as part of it.

Thank you all for tuning in and participating over these many months.


Squawk Box October 22: RIM Announcements

by alec on October 22, 2008

This morning’s discussion focused on the announcements RIM made at their developer conference yesterday.

RIM’s application store is coming in March, and developers will get 80% of the revenue from the store, as opposed to the 70% that Apple is offering.

Plus:  New Web Tools Become Available (still using Java as foundation); WebSignals allows developers to incorporate push notification in any application, and upgraded developer tools.

During his talk Mike Lazaradis mentioned that Blackberry had 54% US smartphone market share last month.

On the Calliflower Conference Call this morning: Molly Schonthal, Sergio Meinardi, Arshad Merali, Dan York, Jim Courtney, Craik Pyke, Jeanette Fisher, Bill Volk, Mike Pruyn, Yusuf Motiwala, Kevin Bowman


RIM unveils a storefront

October 22, 2008

Yesterday RIM announced the BlackBerry Application Storefront and BlackBerry Application Center, their response to the undeniable success that Apple has had with the iPhone AppStore.  Kudos to RIM for creating opportunities for developers outside the carrier orbit, and for paying attention to customer experience when it’s clearly the winning strategy here.  Moreover, RIM’s choice to […]

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