Not one, but TWO BlackBerry stores

by alec on October 6, 2008

Everybody’s jumping on the application store bandwagon.  Today, via CrunchGear, come screen shots of the BlackBerry Application Center.  Apparently set to debut with the BlackBerry Storm and OS 4.7, this store differs from Apple and Google’s offerings in that “All application data will be stored at the carriers’ locale; RIM is totally out of the loop as far as that goes. …carriers can put the applications they want on their own little store.”

If true, that’s a mistake.  The appeal of the AppStore is that it goes around the carrier. As a developer, the last thing I want is to go on bended knee to 180 carriers to ask them to carry my software.  Been there, done that, got the rugburn.


BlackBerry developers can take heart in the fact that RIM already has competition on the store front.  BerryStore has launched, and has already scooped up some of the most popular applications.  Are the carriers gutsy (or stupid) enough to try to block it?  Wait and see.

I’m reminded of Peter Seller’s hilariously dark sketch “Auntie Rotter”.

“Now now children.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have TWO daddys?”

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