Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nokia ratchets up email connectivity

by alec on September 9, 2008

Nokia is announcing that Mail for Exchange, their solution for attaching Nokia phones to Microsoft Exchange servers using Activesync, will be available on all Nokia S60 3rd edition phones.  What that means is that N Series phones, in particular, will have Exchange connectivity as a standard feature. The client has been improved to include auto-discovery of exchange servers.   80 million phones running S60 will now be able to easily connect to corporate Exchange servers.

It’s a great move.  With Apples inclusion Exchange connectivity in their products, Nokia was the only major vendor to not provide Exchange connectivity out of the box by default.

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This morning we were fortunate enough to have two of my favorite presenters from DEMO yesterday.  Both of these companies are delivering ground breaking products, and in entirely different markets.

We started with Joe Eschbach Plastic Logic, creators of flexible plastic display technologies. Yesterday they unveiled their eReader, which looks fabulous.  It’s certainly going to make people think twice about Kindle, especially since, for business users, it allows you to load all kinds of documents, as well as books.  Check out the video of their product.

Following Joe, Justin Hayward of Telnic joined us.  Telnic are the creators of the .tel top level domain. A .tel domain allows you to add business card style information — telephone numbers, addresses, and so on — to the DNS system, once and for all resolving the issue of where the telecom directory lives. Long time readers of the blog will know I’ve been predicting that something like this would occur since writing the Voice 2.0 Manifesto.

On the Calliflower Conference Call this morning: Dan Rockwell, Hudson Barton, Brad Jones, Dan York, Jim Courtney, Mark Hewitt, Jeb Brilliant, Greg Manto, Ian Hood, Bill Volk, Warren Bent, Phil Wolff, Todd Spraggins, Joey DeVilla, Tom Orr, and Greg McQuay.

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