Zigging to Apple's Zag

by alec on July 24, 2008

Somewhere along the way the folks at RIM have apparently decided that cranking up the leak machine on new product releases is a good way to stall Apple‘s iPhone mo. It’s an age old strategy — when the competition has a hot product, freeze the market by letting everyone know about your future hot products too.  I’m sure that must be the reason for the lengthy review of the Blackberry Kickstart 8220 on Crackberry.com yesterday.

What’s most interesting about the RIM strategy is their focus on form factor.  In recent months we’ve seen a huge upgrade of the classic Blackberry form factor leaked (the Bold), a touch screen competitor to iPhone (the Thunder), and now a competitor to the Moto Razor (the Kickstart). Strategically RIM is:

  • upgrading their software to the bar that Apple has set with iPhone.
  • fielding a full slate of form factors to get that software into as many users hands as possible.

It’s as if Apple is the Washington Capitals with one very talented star player in iPhone and RIM is the Detroit Redwings with a full line of talented and deep players.  We all know who won the Stanley Cup.

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