Rogers "Vision" sucks

by alec on June 4, 2008

Rogers Communications Inc.

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Just last week I had a chat with my Rogers rep on the phone. It has become a monthly ritual…. I phone them and ask if I’m paying too much. They tell me whether there are any better new deals available. It’s the only way to make sure I’m not getting raped by Ted “Jolly” Rogers pricing.

What did I learn?

  1. the $65/month data plan which I’ve written about previously has gone away. Rogers will still give you 1 G of mobile data, but now they want $100/month. Hello? When the rest of the world has data rates that are plunging like a stone, Jolly Rogers is cranking their rates up. Sure smells like a monopoly to me. Is anyone at Industry Canada paying attention? Needless to say, I chose to stick with my pre-existing $65/month “deal”.
  2. the $7/month “vision plan” which includes a whack of video calling, SMS, internet and email data, access to the Rogers music store, Yahoo and more is available to owners of N95 phones, even if you haven’t bought them from Rogers. It’s not all good news, though. In order to get that $7/month you have to sign up for a three year contract.

“What? But I already own the phone!”

“I’m sorry sir, the contract has nothing to do with the phone.”

I said “No thanks” to their Vision “deal”. I would have done $7/month uncontracted, but there’s no way I’ll be locked into a three year deal with any phone company. At first I was mystified as to why Jolly Rogers would leave $7/month of high margin low usage revenue on the table. They did it because they can. As the only game in town, your only option is to agree to their terms.

Despite the lavish television advertising, video calling is dead on arrival in Canada. It needs an expensive phone, with a long term contract, that few people have and under the current pricing are unlikely to obtain. Thank the pirates on HMS Monopoly at “Jolly” Rogers HQ.

One can only hope that the upcoming Canadian spectrum auction will provide some much needed relief from the current state of affairs.

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