Boxbe’s spam. A fatal mistake for them and me.

by alec on April 22, 2008

Every so often a company really blunders.  Boxbe has done it in spades with their release over the weekend.  It was obectionable the first time it sent email to everyone in my address book.  And yes, I didn’t read the text closely enough to see that that was the case.  I simply loaded my address book and assumed it was filtering incoming mail based on who I knew.

First it spammed my friends. Mea culpe.  I should have read the directions.

This morning though, it spammed them again.  My email box is jammed with people saying “can you make this thing stop”, “you gotta make this stop”, “I’m really pissed”.  Twitter is burning up with Boxbe messages.  And those are the people that care enough.  I don’t know how many people have just added me to their spam list.

The worst part?  There’s no way to opt-out of the service once you’ve signed up.  I can’t tell it to stop.  I can’t tell it to cancel my account.  And I have no way of knowing when it will spam my friends again.

Talk about unfriendly.  Talk about being held hostage.  Talk about a massive, reputation damaging screw-up, both for the company and me.

I’ve got mail in to the product manager, Randy Stewart, as well as their press line.  My next step is to escalate to their management team and board of directors.  Email addresses were kindly provided on their web site.

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