Monday, April 7, 2008

Announcing BarCampRadio

by alec on April 7, 2008

Want to get a new product seeded into the market? Discuss a cool idea?  Get feedback from your peers?

Join me at BarCampRadio on the 18th of April.

This idea has been percolating in the back of my head for a few weeks now.   It's pretty simple.  BarCamp's are amazing events, where passionate and interesting people gather on a semi-regular basis to discuss stuff that they're passionate about.  They just don't happen often enough. 

Now, you can get your fill of BarCamp once a week. Today I've created BarCampRadio, which is a weekly call-in show in the mould of BarCamp.  The Wiki is up.  Feel free to go and add a topic that you'd like to host, or that you'd like someone else to host.  We'll pick a couple, and discuss them each Friday at 11 AM eastern time.  

Now, I want to emphasize that this is a BarCamp.   I've chosen to host a 30 minute call on Friday at 11.  There's nothing to say that if there's sufficient interest, another call could be hosted by someone else at the same time.  Just like having two rooms.  AND, although I've chosen to give a 30 minute slot for BarCamp Radio, there's nothing to say that others couldn't host calls before or after the slot that I've put on the Wiki. 

In order for word to get out, I've scheduled the first for the 18th of April. After that, I'm hoping that there will be enough interest (after all, there are BarCamp's the world over every week!)  to run a new BarCampRadio each week. 


Squawk Box April 7

by alec on April 7, 2008

Squawkbox this morning was a pretty interesting discussion. Most of the folks on the line were pretty dismissive of the New York Times assertion that blogging is dangerous to your health. It was very interesting to hear the different strategies that folks employed, however, to stay in shape.

We also discussed the Shel Israel / Loren Feldman dustup. Interestingly enough, most found Loren Feldman unfunny, and especially his Shel Israel spoofs. When all is said and done, parody needs to be funny and knowledgeable about the subject. It’s clear that Feldman is neither.

And lastly we got a quick preview of the IT360 show in Toronto from Evan Leibovitch.


Squawk April 7 Preview

April 7, 2008

Good Monday morning and here are the details for today’s Squawk Box. This morning we’ll be talking with Simon Ditner and Evan Liebovitch to find a little about this week’s IT 360 show in Toronto. What’s it about, and what will they be doing there. I’m sure it has something to with Asterisk. And if […]

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