Friday, April 4, 2008

Squawk Box took a remarkable new direction this afternoon, with a special edition focused on the issue of fair taxation of stock options in Canada. The heart of the issue is simply this: in Canada the gain on a stock option is taxed as employment income, not capital gain, which means that any losses from that stock should you choose to exercise and hold the stock, cannot be written off against the gain. In practical terms, this has led to a litany of hardship for ordinary Canadians.

Our guest Ragui Kamel explained the issue, and then how it is affecting many ordinary people who are being forced to mortgage or sell homes, and liquidate RRSPs in order to pay tax on income they never received. Ragui and his group have met with MPs, ordinary people affected by the situation, business leaders and more.

Once you’ve listened to this podcast, then please visit:

CFET – the site of the organization Canadians for Fair and Equitable Taxation. Read the impact statements, check out the slide presentation, and sign the petition.

The CFET Facebook Group – join the group, and contribute to the discussion.

And stay tuned. We’ll do another call to talk about the progress on this issue in the future.


I love having the opportunity to chat with companies that are experiencing success. Today’s chat with Mobivox marketing director Darren Yaphe was an opportunity to do just that.

Since taking on $11M in funding last fall, Mobivox has been on a tear adding services quickly, and access nodes globally. Darren himself joined in December after leaving Bell Mobility.

Darren gave us some background on Mobivox, and then answered a huge variety of questions, ranging from market targets to pricing, future plans, privacy implications, and more. We even got the inevitable comparison with Wildfire out of the way.

Enjoy the call, and have a great weekend!


Squawk Box dual header today!

April 4, 2008

We have a Squawk Box double header this today. At 11 AM we’ll be chatting with Mobivox’s Darren Yaphe about their latest announcements. I think this could be an interesting call, because Mobivox is progressing along a trajectory very similar to WildFire a decade ago. I plan to ask Darren about that. At 3 PM […]

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Need some insight on mobile VoIP services?

April 4, 2008

Garrett Smith launched his latest project,, yesterday.  A review site for the Mobile VoIP industry, they plan to feature user generated reviews, service provider comparisons, and a forum.  Right now, you can read reviews of some of the companies we all know and love like Truphone, Rebtel, Skype, Mobivox, and Fring.   And why […]

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