Mobivox “Send Message” equals hands-free texting

by alec on April 2, 2008

Mobivox continues to crank out useful new features for their handsfree VoIP service.  The latest two? 

  • A call me button, that can be embedded in any web site or email.  It has some basic routing and presence capabilities as well, so that the call can be routed to wherever the recipient is.
  • A voice driven SMS service that allows you to send a text message to any mobile phone simply by speaking the text of the message.

If you haven't tried Mobivox before, give it a shot.  VOXGirl, their voice activated assistant, makes it super easy to initiate a call from your mobile phone, and the rates are very low.  I save tons of money every month with a Rogers MyFive plan, and Mobivox.   Plus, it's safer when driving. 

We'll be speaking with Mobivox's Darren Yaphe on Friday on the SquawkBox.  

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