Lance Ulanoff, did you graduate journalism school?

by alec on February 26, 2008


'Journalism' has hit a new low with this piece of drivel from Lance Ulanoff.   The Death Spiral for Facebook?  C'mon.  Lance rehashes old news reports from a year ago, and then takes a run at elements like the newsfeed claiming that they're somehow privacy invasive.  

a) You clearly don't know, use or understand Facebook Lance.

b) It also seems as if you must have gotten a failing grade in fact checking at journalism school.

It doesn't surprise me that this is on FOXNews.  It's a good example of their typical factually challenged, innuendo laden horse manure.  It does surprise me that this is coming from a PC Magazine editor, though.  If they've sunk that low then they're in a death spiral of their own, methinks. 

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