Cinch? Huh?

by alec on February 19, 2008

Dave Winer and Robert Scoble are going gaga for BlogTalkRadio's new service this morning.  Called Cinchm it lets you create a recording from a phone call that gets republished using your ANI as the URL.  Dave called from (858) 342-9663, dictated a few words, and the MP3 file was live in an RSS feed a few moments later at

I fail to see the point.  Couldn't you make a recording from your desktop? Wouldn't that be simpler and produce a better quality audio file than phoning in on an 8Khz phone line?

Not only that, but hasn't anyone done any product management on this service?  As we've built out the iotum FREE Conference Call service for podcasting, we've learned a ton about what people care about.  Packaging an audio file in an RSS wrapper is small potatoes. 

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