Bell Canada announces unlimited data

by alec on November 21, 2007

Bell Canada has some life in it yet.  The Toronto Star reports this morning that, in a dramatic move for the Canadian market, Bell will start offering unlimited data plans for the HTC Touch for just $7/month.  Rather than offer this plan to everyone, Bell is restricting it to consumers only. Business users still get socked for big bucks on devices like BlackBerry:

While Bell's $7 unlimited plan runs the risk of upsetting its subscribers who use competing devices such as the BlackBerry, which don't come with unlimited data options, [Bell VP] Bazerghi stressed that the lack of a full keyboard means the HTC Touch will hold little appeal for email-crazed business-types.

I guess the tean at RIM needs to pay a visit to those crazy Bellheads and let them know, again, that they're in the consumer space now with products like Pearl and Curve.

Over to you, Mr. Rogers.

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