"Click", "Is someone listening in on your extension?"

by alec on September 24, 2007

Pudding Media would like to do for your phone calls what Google AdWords does for your inbox: make it free, by giving advertisers access to you during your call.  They accomplish this magic by listening in on the call for specific keywords, and then pushing the advertising back to a PC based on what you're talking about. 

Sound a little big brotherish?  Yup.  Will people do it?  Bet on it!  Today's web surfer willingly lets Google read his or her inbox, surrenders a cookied click trail to whatever site asks, and walks the downtown streets under the unblinking stare of thousands of surveillance cameras.  Letting Pudding Media eavesdrop on calls just won't seem that scary. 

Yeah, it's probably not going to be a compelling proposition to start.  The likelihood is that it will be a little clunky, and people cautious.  But sure as water flows down hill, we're going to have advertising on our telephones… relevant, contextually targeted advertising. 

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