Alec is dismantling and rebuilding the venerable Weber BBQ. 11:41am

by alec on June 24, 2007

That was yesterday morning's Facebook update.  It turns out to have generated a fair amount of interest.  People wrote asking if I had blown myself up yet, commented that they had just bought a new BBQ rather than clean up the old one, and so on.  I thought about buying a new one, but my old Weber Genesis 1000 was expensive when I bought it 12 years ago (around $500), and would have been even more expensive to replace ($799 at Home Depot). Aside from some rusting parts inside, the exterior was in good shape. So I ordered up replacement burners, flavor bars, and grills from Capital Appliance & BBQ, dismantled and cleaned the BBQ, and reassembled it.

Here's the BBQ.


And here are the rotten parts I removed.  The flavour bars were so rusted that pieces had fallen into the drip pan below, and were collecting grease which causes fires.  Notice that the parts of the burners that were inside the kettle are rusted (although still pretty solid!), while the parts on the outside are like new — shiny shiny shiny!  They're nice solid pieces of stainless steel, but the traces of moisture in liquid propane cause the burners to eventually rust.

Rusted pieces

And here are the shiny new burners installed, plus new stainless flavour bars, and and stainless grills.  I decided to try the stainless bars rather than the porcelain coated, at the recommendation of the folks at Capital BBQ. 


And all put back together. 

All reassembled.

Alec is done with rebuilding BBQ. New burners, flavor bars, grills, and a (relatively) thorough cleaning. Now VERY VERY dirty. 2:39pm

Total time — 3:00 hours.  After reassembly, it worked like new again. It's capable of heating to inferno temperatures for searing steaks, and also the gentlest of slow cooking temperatures.  Total cost to refurbish was in the neighborhood of $400 — half the price of a new Weber — and my perfectly good old barbeque hasn't been prematurely consigned to the landfill.

The toughest part about the whole job was cleaning and cleanup.  The shower was a welcome relief, but even so a day later I've still got dirt ground into my skin and fingernails. 

My feet

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