Talk-Now and the Victorian era calling card

by alec on May 31, 2007

Susan Crawford writes about the practice of leaving cards — the politeness of a another age where people presented a request for an appointment of some kind, and the expectation was a response, positive or negative. 

The calling card experience is a metaphor we have consciously imitated with iotum Talk-Now, but modified for modern times.  You can check the Talk-Now application from your BlackBerry handset, see whether the people you need to speak with are available, and make a request (if they’re not).  The other sees your request in an incoming queue (labelled “Waiting to talk to me”), and can make a choice to take the call now, or not.  The iotum Relevance Engine performs the function of the butler — it makes judgement calls about how to represent you to various individuals, based on the relationship you have with that person.

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