Saturday, May 5, 2007

Just send me an email

by alec on May 5, 2007

Jeff Pulver has always been the consummate networker.  People want to know him, and he's the type of gracious and wonderful individual who makes time for others.  So, it's easy to understand why Jeff feels a need to disengage himself from the LinkedIn introductions process.  When people you don't know ask for introductions to your friends, you want to know whether the introduction is going to be received well, and you want to know a little about the individual you are introducing.

I'm personally a user of LinkedIn, and connected to over 1500 people, some of whom I don't know very well. It's a direct contradiction, by the way, of what LinkedIn advises you to do, which is to only link with people you know and would recommend. Why so many?  LinkedIn is an inexpensive recruiting tool, which has provided high quality candidates in the past.  Compared to (the previous job posting site I used) LinkedIn is dramatically cheaper, and produces a much higher percentage of quality candidates.  By having a large LinkedIn network, I have access to more candidates.  What that means, though, is that I am a little more discriminating about who I will introduce and who not.

Kfir Pravda has written a fun follow-on to Jeff's posting, in which he categorizes social network users. 


CATA's Women in Technology Forum is running a day long seminar for female entrepreneurs on Monday in Ottawa.  It looks like they have a great line-up, including the Venture Law Lines gang speaking on preparing and closing your angel round.

You don't want to miss out on the exciting agenda for Discovering Your Leadership Potential: The CATA WIT Forum Entrepreneurs Symposium featuring keynote speaker Lally Rementilla of Lavalife talking about how to make a web-based company more successful!

Tap into a hotbed of entrepreneurial spirit and expertise. Explore how other amazing women have succeeded and discover the entrepreneur inside of you. Join our group of serial and first-time entrepreneurs to learn more about the expertise, know-how and passion that goes into building a successful company. Investigate some of the opportunities entrepreneurs have created by leveraging one of the most accessible and simple tools available to them – the Internet. Come meet the next generation of Internet entrepreneurs.

More details here.


Wallingford on social networks and cell phones

May 5, 2007

Ted Wallingford's riff on social networks and mobile phones is worth a read.  His basic points are: the main end user control point for identity will become the cell phone. social networks are formed around a core of identity. phones are just now becoming devices that are capable of supporting rich social networking applications. Provocative […]

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