March 2007

Explosive growth at Ottawa Barcamp 3

by alec on March 31, 2007

Barcamp Ottawa 3 was today, and it didn't disappoint.  There were over 150 people registered to attend in the new venue at Carleton University's Tory Hall.  Awesome!

The first session I saw was Tony Bailetti's Talent First Network and Open Source Businesses.  This is a relatively new initiative out of Carleton U focused on pairing tech execs with technology coming from Carleton, as well as fostering open source based businesses.  Tony was looking for feedback on the initiative, and there was a pretty spirited discussion, especially around the legal aspects of using open source in projects. The discussion centred around where to get competent legal advice on all the different license types for open source.  The consensus was that the most knowledgeable Ottawa legal minds in Ottawa on this topic were probably in corporate legal departments.

I missed the next couple of sessions because… I was unprepared. Yesterday I chatted with Barcamp organize Peter Childs yesterday, and asked if he needed another presentation.  I took the opportunity to grab a network connection and finish up my presentation.

I caught the session on legal activism hosted by Russell McOrmond.  Russell runs a site called focused on copyright reform, open source, and other intellectual property activism topics.  His Barcamp session was awesome, generating a very robust discussion of these issues.  For me, this was one of the best discussions I've ever participated in at a Barcamp. Unfortunately, no slides.

My session on viral marketing was well attended.  There were probably 40 people in the room, which was terrific.  It was a case study of what we researched, and what we've learned from the Talk-Now.  Slides here, courtesy of Scribd.

A promising new initiative from Carleton U is the Ottawa Tech Wiki


Which is more Canadian?

by alec on March 30, 2007

We're having a debate.  I want to watch the hockey game — Sens vs Habs.  Janice wants to watch the two hour season finale of the Air Farce (hockey tie-in: Don Cherry is a guest).  She says "You're not really Canadian if you don't love the Farce".  I say "You're not really Canadian if you don't watch the game!"

So which is more Canadian?  Hockey or the Air Farce?  Give us your opinion.  Inquiring minds want to know!


Barcamp Ottawa 3 — Tomorrow

March 30, 2007

I just offered to deliver a session at tomorrow's BarCamp Ottawa 3.  I'll be talking about promoting your products virally, which is something we've been working hard at here at iotum, with Talk-Now.  There's a great story on Ottawa's BarCamps in yesterday's Ottawa Citizen Tech Weekly too. See you there!

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Bigger and Noisier than ever? VON San Jose

March 30, 2007

You know how it is when you have the feeling you missed something important?  Judging from the volume of noise generated by the VON show last week in San Jose, the bloggers writing about it, the wine dinners, the meetings, the news, and the fact that I am still now digging out from under all […]

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Nicogel Nicotine Gel

March 30, 2007 is a new site detailing the best and the worst of the PR schwag that gets handed out at trade shows.  Smokers, check out NicoGel, the easy to use nicotine gel you can smear on your hands when you really can't step out for a butt… yuck!

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DemoCamp Montreal Rocked

March 30, 2007

  I had the great fortune to be invited to demo at DemoCamp Montreal 2, which happened last night.  It was a great event, and the SAT is a wonderful venue, including an open bar!  Thank you to organizers Austin Hill and Fred Ngo for letting an interloper from down the road in Ottawa present. Talk-Now was […]

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US Falls to Seventh Place Innovator

March 29, 2007

The BBC is reporting this morning that the World Economic Forum has said that the US has lost its position as the worlds primary engine of technology innovation.  A cluster of European nations, led by Denmark, has pushed America out of the #1 spot, to a distant #7. Countries were judged on technological advancements in general business, […]

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Vlipping Out

March 28, 2007

The folks at SightSpeed have just released a pretty cool, and pretty quirky website. lets you quickly record video clips, or Vlips.  You can post them, watch other people’s Vlips, and reply as well. Billed as video blogging for the rest of us, it has the feel of Speakers Corner translated for the internet […]

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Gobsmacked over Skype Beta 3.2

March 28, 2007

Wow.  I just finished a Skype call with Jim Courtney using the new Skype Beta 3.2.  The sound quality is stunning.  Using only the PC microphone and speakers, there was no echo, full duplex sound, and excellent quality audio.  Moreover, the new codecs are super CPU efficient.  Even while running Windows Update, and an Outlook email […]

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AT&T's double standard definition of termination

March 28, 2007

FreeConferenceCall and others like it may become a relic of the past, it seems.  AT&T is now blocking access to FreeConference's 712 area code numbers, claiming that terminating a call on a bridge is not call termination.  Utterly bogus.  If the call was being made on an INWATS or a 900 line, they would be Johnny-on-the-spot […]

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