Andy's Stuck in a Voice 1.0 Tarpit

by alec on October 7, 2006

Andy’s stuck.  His T-Mobile Blackberry service sucks, and the customer service reps at T-Mobile don’t really seem to be able to help him out.  If he’d asked me beforehand, I would have told him to avoid it.  I evaluated the data networks from T, Verizon and Cingular last January, and T-Mobile’s network didn’t cut it on either coverage or speed.

Ted Wallingford gets straight to the point.  Andy’s problem is that the service reps at T-Mobile don’t understand Blackberry, and took too long to figure out that he needed to talk with RIM.  It’s a Voice 1.0 model.  He’s locked into T-Mobile’s walled garden, and has no option but to suffer with whatever “service” they choose to give him.  That, in a nutshell, is why the incumbents are so interested in IMS rather than Voice 2.0.  IMS perpetuates their walled garden monopoly.  Voice 2.0 will tear it apart.  In a Voice 2.0 world, Andy would just choose another data service provider, solving the problem by taking his business elsewhere.

The irony?  In the beginning RIM’s model was the other way around.  You bought the RIM service from RIM, and they resold the commodity carrier service — in this case two way paging.  As they grew, the relationship they developed with the carriers reversed, and the carriers became resellers of the RIM service.   The customer would be best served by having an unlocked Blackberry device, and the ability to use the Blackberry and applicaton on any network they choose. 

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