Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Making The Snooze

by alec on September 20, 2006

Am I missing something in the latest announcements from SipPhone? 

I know I must be. You see, the new Gizmo project business offering with All Calls Free for Business looks to me like nothing more than centralized billing – an announcement about accounting.  If it’s really an announcement about accounting that’s snooze… not news. 

From the press release, here are the key features:

  1. All Calls Free calling plan – Announced July 20th, 2006 right?
  2. Asterisk PBX support – Announced May 23rd, 2006. 
  3. Centralized Billing – This is new.
  4. Direct Dial “Call In” numbers – Area 775, their free phone number service, was announced February 16, 2006.
  5. Free Voicemail – This was in from the beginning, right?
  6. Free Call Forwarding – You’ve been able to do this for a while too, right?
  7. Free Conference Calling – And Gizmo has had a deal with for a while too, right?
  8. Online Presence – There from the beginning.
  9. Instant Messaging - Also there from the beginning, with interop to Google announced January 18th, 2006.

Don’t get me wrong.  I use Gizmo, and I’m a big fan of their service.  This latest announcement generated a pile of coverage from a bunch of really well known blogs too, like: VoIP & Gadgets Blog, GigaOM, VoIP Watch, Webtown, VoIP Blog and 21talks. 

I just must have missed something in the newsworthiness of this latest release, right? What do you guys know that I don’t?


Many entrepreneurs find themselves needing a wee smidge of legal advice periodically.  Now, there’s a service for startups that will provide that advice.  Venture Law Line is a new telephone consultation service provided by Venture Law Associates, targeted at entrepreneurs.  For $150 per month, they can provide advice on everything from technology to intellectual property, compensation and corporate structure.

Two of the lawyers in this partnership are Suzie Dingwall-Williams and Naomi Morisawa de Koven.  They’re both very entrepreneur friendly, and terrific people to deal with.  Good luck to both of you! 


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