Albert’s Got A New Bar: The BubbleBar

by alec on March 30, 2006

BubbleBarToronto’s Albert Lai dropped me a piece of mail last night about the newest BubbleShare feature — the BubbleBar.  This little piece of code displays a filmstrip of your Bubbleshare albums, including albums that others have shared with you, on your desktop.  Mouse over any photo, and it will expand. Now you can watch all of your latest photos on your desktop while you work!

Installing the BubbleBar was painless.  Just download it, and run.  There were a couple of Windows firewall warnings, but that’s to be expected, since this is alpha code.  I logged in to my Bubbleshare account, waited, and a few minutes later I had photos. 


The really neat thing about this is the sharing feature.  When you share an album with someone else, your photos just start appearing in their BubbleBar, which makes it super easy to discover new content.  No surfing to a website, or opening emails and saving attachments — the photos just appear.

The BubbleBar also includes buttons that let you create a new album, see which albums you’ve received from others, and use your photos as a screen saver.  So it’s a mini-dashboard for Bubbleshare as well.

I stumbled on one of the coolest features completely by accident.  Take note Albert!  Hidden away in the menus is the ability to browse the pictures you are displaying on your hard disk.  Just click File/Browse Local Content to see all the photos.  BubbleBar actually downloads the photos before it displays them.  This is a totally painless way for me to share my photos with all my family members.  Bubbleshare makes it easy to upload the photos and share an album, say with my mum. BubbleBar downloads those photos to my mum’s hard disk so she can store them, or print them, or whatever.  Again, it makes the process totally painless. 

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