Airports: Powerfully Bad

by alec on February 27, 2006

I’m sitting in Montreal’s Trudeau airport, and noticing what appears to me to be a new trend.  Airports have been capping off the power outlets.  Where have they all gone?  It used to be that you could find a power outlet on a wall or a pillar at the gate, but not anymore.  In recent weeks, I’ve travelled through Seattle, San Jose, Chicago O’Hare, Toronto, and Montreal.  The plentiful power that laptop users used to depend on is virtually non-existant.  Here in Montreal, I am sitting in a phone booth, because it has a power outlet for laptop users.

UPDATE:  There has been a huge amount of traffic on this yesterday since I posted it.  BoingBoing linked it, as well as the CBC.  Clearly it’s struck a nerve.  I’d like to start a Wiki to track airport power outlets.  What is the best way to do this?  My hoster providers TikiWiki and PHPWiki.  Is one better than the other?

UPDATE: Wiki started at

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